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In the near future, there has been a global shift in consciousness. The souls of two lovers meet in Source and choose to experience love and sexuality in human form on Earth.

FILM:ONE is the first film project I wrote, directed, and starred in. I created this short film in association with Play Collaborative Arts, as what was the first film experiment focused on a utopian future.

I loved the idea that two souls would meet in Source and decide to come to earth. It gave me an opportunity to work with cinematographer Pete Herron on using the camera and macro lenses to rediscover earth, our skin, sensations, and specifically nature.

I had visited this cliff and watched many sunsets here in Palos Verdes overlooking the Pacific Ocean and wanted to film these two lovers spending the last moments of daylight and their brief encounter in human form as the sun sets on the horizon.

In the fast-paced world we live in I find that it becomes harder and harder to just sit and be present, and be still without technology. I wanted the audience to experience this stillness by letting them sit in this moment, and give their mind the freedom to take them wherever it wanted.

It premiered in Los Angeles as part of Tiny Rhino LA's: Ugly Shots, it was part of FUTURErotica (An immersive erotic experience) and was nominated for Best Experimental Short at the Jim Thorpe Independent Film Festival in 2018.

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