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Two brothers attempt to drive a trunk full of opioids from Florida to Alaska to cash-in big in the Land of Gold. That plan gets challenged by their surroundings, their shortcomings, and their tendency to dip into their own supply. A split-second act of violence somewhere in the California desert derails their trip and sets them on a crash course with tragedy.

Directed by Scott Monahan

Written by Dakota Loesch

Starring Scott Monahan as Jacob and Dakota Loesch as John and Christopher Corey Smith as Deputy Johnson.


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Sour Party follows Gwen and James, two broke, flailing 30-somethings on a quest to scrounge money from a collection of low lives and failed artists in an attempt to show up to Gwen's sister's baby shower with a proper gift.

Directed and written by Amanda Drexton and Michael Drexton.

Featuring Scott Monahan as Bjork.

Currently on film festival tour.

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Max, a failed writer, goes in search of her estranged girlfriend while simultaneously, trying to unload a large quantity of drugs she stole off her bosses to pay for a trip back East to care for her dying mother. She also might have her dead sister in the trunk of her car.

Directed and written by Trevor Hollen

Featuring Scott Monahan as Guy.

Currently in the 2021 film festival circuit.

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A hitman in Koreatown meets a Karaoke hostess only to find out she is his next target.

Directed and written by Steven Fine.

Starring Dakota Loesch as Max and featuring Scott Monahan as Johnny Madrid.

Available to rent on streaming platforms.



A comedy homage to the drive-in monster movies of the 50s.

Directed and written by Neal McLaughlin.

Starring Scott Monahan as Curtis Albright and Shey Lynn Zanotti as Mary Beth.

Available to rent on streaming platforms.

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