I Was a Teenage Wereskunk - Los Angeles Times

"A few performers are perhaps overly committed, though the central couple, Monahan and Shey Lyn Zanotti as his crush Mary Beth, strike the right tenor."

I Was A Teenage Wereskun LA Times

Why I Want to Fuck Ronald Reagan - No Proscenium

"...always enjoy watching Scott Monahan summon up an off-kilter

performance — here as Dr. Nathan — like some kind of trickster god.

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They Who Saw the Deep - Haunting

Scott Monahan seems the most natural Gilgamesh, awash with a bravado that is slowly tempered down by what he’s lost, his endless eyes conveying his struggle; he moves his audience wordlessly, so much as a glance instantly binding him to his observers.

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RETROGRADE / Play Collaborative Arts Venue - LA Weekly

“The '50s scene has a very fiery, manly-like whiskey character,” explains Scott Monahan, who acts in the show as well as designing the drinks. “So we created a habanero peach bourbon that when you drink it, during the fighting and aggression in the scene, you get that burn in your mouth and that fire. And in the '90s you have, Lemonhead drinks with Pop Rocks — like a candy rave.”

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